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16 year old techie claims that his search engine is 47% more accurate than Google….


Did you know that potholes we curse everyday can actually help your car generate energy? Young American Indian Shakeel Avadhany has made a multi-million dollar US company out of potholes…


More of such news are heard these days. Even now, someone somewhere in the world is in the process of blueprinting their unique ideas in to reality. Ironically, most innovations come into being as luxuries but in no time it becomes a part of our lives as necessities. This is the world of Idea Economy.


Business has taken on a seriously competitive edge. Any entrepreneur, armed with the right ideation, innovation, technology and infrastructure can disrupt any big industry. It is all a part of life in the current ecosystem of Idea Economy. It comes with a territory. Needless to say, there is no point getting your feelings hurt, throwing a fit or whining about injustice.


Ideas are the axle around which the business wheels turn. It has been the root of all progression and success. But in today’s connected world, just ideas are not enough. What do you think is the formula for success then?


“Success is defined by the ability to turn your ideas into values faster than your competition” says HP CEO Meg Whitman. In order to deliver your ideas to your customers instantly and continuously, you need infrastructure than can scripted and re-scripted to meet the changing demands and infrastructure that will allow you to innovate faster when the disruption occurs.


But success isn’t just centered around your data or your capability for implementation, it is the right combination of vision, technology and timing. Time seems to the biggest enemy that any company faces today. While cloud computing, mobile platforms and big data give the ability to accelerate, most organizations are built on a inflexible infrastructure that it tends to drag them down. Scalability and scope seem to have suddenly become a biggest liability for bigger brands against the efficiency and speed of the smaller players.


While it’s easier to turn ideas in to reality, the bad news is that it’s also easier for your competitors to either catch up or leave you behind in this race against time. Irrespective of the industry you are in, any enterprise can survive only if they are innovative enough to tap the market opportunities through constant ideation and agile enough to turn these ideas in to a business reality.


The unique recipe for business success in this idea economy seems to be a hybrid infrastructure, innovation, ideas-to-reality turn around time & marketing your innovations to the audience, finally getting them on board.


Watch this space to find out how to get more creative and ideate in this idea economy…

Abdul Majeed Syed

Written By Abdul Majeed Syed

Abdul Majeed is a professional with passion for life. A foodie by heart, travelling and blogging are what keeps him busy on his time off. After completing his Management in Operations and Finance, he brings that expertise and experience to Codelattice. Drop an email to connect with him at

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