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Once an Apple customer, always an Apple customer is true for many Apple product users. In fact Apple fans could be called a cult because of the importance Apple pays on User Experience. Waiting in line for Apple products is their holy ritual and their way of showing devotion towards Steve Jobs. The temptation the Apple products offer by their elegance, sleekness, fit and finish is practically impossible to overcome. Apple releases a new mobile operating system every year and that gains you an ecosystem once you become an iPhone user.


Upgrades on any phone is a necessity. But the difference with Apple is that it makes iPhones a necessity instead of a luxury. iOS 9 is full of enhancements to performance, battery life and security. Improvements such as Wallet App, Notes, Easy way back to Apps, News, Effective Search & More intelligent Siri are some worth mentioning. Unfortunately iOS 9 upgrade also brings a some flaws and a few compromises regarding privacy & security.


  • Siri: iOS 9 allows you to access Siri from the lock screen. If someone can work around that access, they can use it to access the contacts or photos stored on your device. Fortunately you can disable Siri access on the lock screen from the Touch ID & Passscode section of the settings app.


  • Tethering: An unlocked iPhone can tether to a computer with a single click with no password, allowing the computer to copy emails, photos and other texts whenever the phone is connected, even if it is locked.


  • Passcode flaw: There is a passcode flaw which allows a hacker access to your iPhone by a certain way. Fortunately, this has been resolved with a patch in iOS 9.0.2


  • Cellular Data: Some users were unable to turn off the Cellular data after the update. This also has been rectified in iOS 9.0.2 update.


  • Contacts: Some users have been unable to search for contacts from the contact list.


Some features of iOS 9 prioritizes convenience over security. If you are a person using your iPhone at work, it makes sense to read the privacy site of Apple. Apple has added “Manage your Privacy” in the information about iOS9 to help its customers. The section offers advice on improving your security by enabling TouchID, using complex passcode and controlling the data shared with apps, etc.

Shyam Rashun

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