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Owning a company page on LinkedIn has come of age.
Not only are businesses using it to reach out to potential partners and employees, but also, use it to share relevant information and marketing material. With the latest publishing tools, not everyone can find a voice on LinkedIn.
Today, this platform boasts of over 200 million members and is without doubt a leading social network when it comes to connecting professionals from all over the world. As a matter of fact, about 92 to 94% of professionals make use of this platform to scout and screen potential candidates.
By now, it may be evident that LinkedIn as a platform is effective when businesses are looking to push B2B strategies. Here are a few easy ways in which you can make sure that the LinkedIn presence of your brand is effective
Making the Right First Impressionsmaxi_linked1

Your cover photo is essentially what other users on the network will come across first. Thus, your image needs to not only be visually appealing but it must also be a justifiable representative of what your brand currently stands for. Also known as the banner image, this can be a creative spinoff of your current company logo or a picture that evokes a business benefit or attribute. For instance, take a look at the Dell Company Page of LinkedIn and you will soon realize why it featured as one of the top corporate pages on LinkedIn in 2013. The page is able to immediately grab attention of its readers by incorporating relevant banners, making posts that are relevant to its readers along with snappy intros that catch your eyes and enhance chances of engagement.


Incorporating a Careers Sectionmaxi_linked2

Considering that LinkedIn is a networking place for professionals across all levels, incorporating a “Career” page as a part of your overall business profile helps make sure that your brand’s presence on the network is not a forced one but rather organic. You can use this space to highlight your work culture, HR philosophy and other factors that attract the right talent for your business.


Making your Company Page Easy to Get to

The “Follow Company” button makes it extremely convenient for people to follow your business page on LinkedIn. By making this button easily accessible, followers are able to engage with your content via a variety of other venues. Simply incorporate this button on your micro-sites, websites and other online accounts.



Giving your “About” Section a Facelift

A big mistake made by many companies is to simply cut and paste the “About Us” content from the corporate website to the “About” section on a LinkedIn Company page. Considering that the audience on this network is primarily B2B, this approach can easily backfire. Hence, instead of talking to “customers” about what your company is about, your content needs to speak with colleagues, members of the industry and other experts about the role your business plays in the industry.

In addition to this, to make your page more influential, it is recommended that you create and share quality content that is original, develop a company showcase page and work hard to make your presence known on LinkedIn.


Axel Balakrishnan

Written By Axel Balakrishnan

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