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Born with a laptop, smart phone or tablet, access to internet & social media, the millennials can be called as digital natives. Be it partying, travelling, studying or simply getting bored, they are live on social media. They shun traditional advertising. It doesn’t mean they don’t purchase anything but why & how’s of their purchasing have changed. Needless to say, the millennials are proving to be a challenging market.

With incredible purchasing power and interests, this demographic of 80+ million members could be capitalized if we figure what attracts them and how they get information. From what we have observed, the millennials gravitate towards learning about new products and becoming authorities, thereby turning in to influencers of the segment. As a brand, you could get on the radar of this tech-savvy natives with kino-mo as your viral coup.

Imagine a product of yours being displayed in 3D- floating in the air, in malls and stadiums. The hologram vibe could kick-off a hot trend with the millennial audience and serve as your organic advertising. kino-mo displays are associated with holograms & floating in mid-air 3D visuals. kino-mo develops hi-tech smart visual technologies including hypervsn and video-bikes.

Holograms in the market are generally associated with time consuming installations, dedicated space and are extremely expensive. But kino-mo is different. How?

  • Rules out dedicated space as the display floats in the air
  • Mid and small size displays but are scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • High resolution 3D visuals
  • Devices networked and controlled remotely
  • Easy to just plug in & turn it on

Holograms can be used beyond art, entertainment and advertising. Learning by  looking at a 3D floating heart in the classroom? Would kids be able to forget what they learn from such a session? Scientific visualization, biomedical imaging, engineering design are some other areas to start with.

Being curious and creative in business is essential to tap the millennial interest. Deploying Holograms will be an interesting move from the in-store displays to larger performance stages. Get in touch with us at if you have a taste for holograms.


Written By Nithya

Nithya is a MARCOMM consultant at Codelattice. She is busy conquering the Kingdom of Content and blogs for Codelattice. Her interest areas include Social Media, Lifestyle and Commerce. Connect with her through

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