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Digital Experience
October 10, 2013

7 Steps For Measuring ROI On Social Media

When businesses want to take a flight on wheels ontight marketing budgets, with a vision of high ROI, then what works best for them is a right strategy with carefully planned steps.   This blog ensures you a high ROI on social media strategy by guiding you on how to…

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Digital ExperienceGoogle Plus
September 5, 2013

5 Top Tools To Get More Out Of Google Plus

In spite of the initial apprehensions among digital theorists, Google+ is here to stay. If used the right way, it is a great platform to leverage brand success, and to create a rather engaged following. Research suggests that users also find its environment rather refreshing as compared to say, Facebook…

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Water Cooler
August 25, 2013

What Colour Is Your Brand? Power Your Brands With Colors

I was watching a group of children playing a game of colors. Once the catcher named a color and the rest were running to find any object of that color to touch. The one who gets caught before touching any object of that color becomes the catcher of the next…

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Water CoolerProducts
July 15, 2013

Everyday Household Products? Just How Do Power Brands Differentiate

‘Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out’ is a famous line from a Hollywood movie. This certainly holds true in the world of brand wars where every brand is positioning itself to ‘stand out’ by pitting against every other who is trying to ‘fit in’.So…

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Water Cooler
June 10, 2013

Business Mobility And BYOD

In today's tech-savvy world, employees are being encouraged to embrace innovation and trends by integrating their own personal mobile devices into the enterprise IT fabric. If one gauges at the enterprise IT trend of past 20 years or so, one can easily find how first laptop freed PC users from…

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Water Cooler
May 5, 2013

Builders or Developers? How To Choose one?

I always think that life for the earlier generation was much simpler. More relaxed lifestyle, less interruptions after work, less competition, people happy with their state in life. Many of our parents were born, brought up, worked and even now living in the same town. So housing in their generation…

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AI & AnalyticsAnalysis
April 26, 2013

What is predictive analysis and how can it help solve business problems

Surveys show that 60% of organizations that made use of predictive analysis tools were able to solve their problems timely, as against the average of 46.2 hours spent every month in critical problem solving scenarios with no support of predictive tools.   Over the recent years, “Predictive Analysis” as a…

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Water CoolerBeer Versus Coke
March 15, 2013

Beer Versus Coke – Which Makes Lesser Of A Devil?

The answer to this leading question is a rather personal one that depends on one’s own tastes and needs. The real question to ask yourself when making a choice between drinking beer versus Coke is whether you intend to cut back on your calories or your bigger concerns are the…

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Digital ExperienceCredit Card
February 10, 2013

Using Credit Card Behavior For Targeted Advertising

A few years ago, MasterCard floated the idea of web based ad targeting by using an individual’s credit card purchase history as the source of marketing communication customization. However, the company later chose to shelve the idea citing regulatory issues that dictate how financial service providers are permitted to handle…

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