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A sequel to the start up guide to digital dummies, it’s only fair that we take the next step forward and dive digitally into Twittersphere!  Though Twitter may look daunting as you log in, with the number of followers some people have, this ever evolving platform is so user friendly that once you use a relevant hashtag, half your battle is won!  You don’t need a million followers to be heard, just get the #Right!


To quote an example, a couple of weeks ago, my brother and I headed down to a popular multiplex to catch the early show of a movie that garnered great reviews.  An hour after the scheduled show timing, a young lady walked in, asking us to collect a refund or check if we could catch a later show!  A half hearted apology or acknowledgment of the distress that this ‘technical glitch’ caused us, would have been nice!  But well, annoyed by this attitude, I tweeted my disgust, after adjusting the privacy settings of my account of course, from Private to Public.  Within an hour, I see the same being retweeted by a couple of non followers and within hours it was a point of discussion!   No rocket science there.. all it took was the use of an appropriate hashtag.


So what is it about this medium &Larry Bird that has everyone in a tizzy?  In case you are wondering, yes.. the official name of the iconic little bird appearing in Twitter’s logo is named after the Boston Celtics legend!


Twitter is a Social Media platform where users can share their views, information, jokes and critiques within 140 characters. People can follow the brands they love, to know about product launches or innovations; celebs for a glimpse into their lifestyle and to know the brands, movies & events they promote; strategists & influencers to learn from the suggestions or advise they dish out! All you need to do is follow the user’s correct handle.  Favourite a tweet, retweet it or reply… This after all, is your personal connect with the world at large!  Tweet a joke, an opinion, a review or a photograph and wait and watch as your voice is heard in the digital world… Do remember to check your privacy settings, in case you only want to vent to your friends.  Don’t forget, your audience can include the entire world or can be restricted to your near and dear ones!  Beware of fake ids though…  A lot of people create fake handles of popular icons and try to gain followers.


So, here are some tips to get started on Twitter:


    •  Create a handle and ensure that the bio you use is engaging and showcases an element of your personality.


    •  Be clear about your areas of interest and look up the people you like or are inquisitive about. Once you start following, suggestions pop up too, enabling infinite ways to network without boundaries!


    •  If you follow someone, it is not necessary that the person follows you and visa-versa, so don’t feel offended or feel obligated unless the handle looks like it has something of interest   to you.


    •  Remember to follow your friends, twitter is now the preferred means of information dissemination since the 140 characters need to be shared just once, unlike private messaging.


    •  Don’t feel shy using abbreviations and avoiding punctuation. It is acceptable in the world of twitter considering the character constraints!


    •  Feel free to unfollow someone if you are finding their tweets uninteresting.


    •  There is an option for direct messaging in twitter too, in case you need to share something in private, away from the prying eyes of all!


    •  Address your tweets with @ followed by the handle to loop someone in particular.


    •  All your tweets, addressed to anyone, are visible on your page.  So unless you are sending a direct message, don’t be surprised if your friends start teasing you on your awestruck tweets to a celeb or a rockstar!


    •  Most importantly, use the right #.  If you have something specific in mind, use it or take a peek at the trending hashtags and campaigns depicted on the page.  They also appear as predictive text does, you start typing the words in.  This helps you know that you are getting the trending hash tags right!


Remember these are just tips to get started on Twitter.  However, this is a highly evolved medium of marketing and promotion today and with apps like Meerkat, live steaming events on twitter is a reality!  So log in or download the app and tweet away!  Nothing like hands on experience; dive in and watch the world of possibilities open up tweople!


Supriya Balan Kuniyil

Written By Supriya Balan Kuniyil

A MARCOMM Professional with over 14 years of experience in various aspects of branding & communication, Supriya works to build & add brand value on the digital platform through strategized communication, contextual ideation & timely implementation. She can be reached at

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