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  • 26 Nov , 2017

Thinking of next year’s digital marketing strategies, every advertising agency out there has already started planning their future plans. SEO and email marketing are still largely popular, but there are new, low competition markets ready to be explored. Check out what’s going to happen next year in the world of digital advertising.

New Market Opportunities
Augmented reality (AR) is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Companies build AR headsets, there are mobile apps with strong AR elements, and it’s used for military and medical purposes. Remember Pokémon GO? It was initially released mid-2016 and its creators have already gained over $1B in profits.

Let’s analyze the near future for a bit. According to global sale reports, there are around 25 million AR headset users in 2017. By 2025, this number will reach the number of half a billion users. What do these numbers mean? It means you’ve got yourself a huge market with endless possibilities and low competition. In other words, it’s the ideal place for startup companies and small businesses to grow immensely.

SEO’s Everlasting Presence
SEO will most definitely stay on top of the conversion chain next year thanks to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other global search engines. It would be best to keep yourself updated because new SEO techniques, such as ‘long tail’ keywords, are invented every year and one of these techniques will advance digital marketing to a whole new stage.

As for content marketing, it is already considered a classic in the world of digital marketing. Thorough research, cool designs, and educational infographics result in hundreds of thousands of shares on social media – for free! What better way to promote a business than to make some business-related content go viral? The odds of it becoming viral of course, greatly vary, but that’s part of social media psychology and behavior of users.

The Smartphone Market
Mobile advertising is a highly efficient strategy which will continue to be on the rise through 2018, as the following (of many) statistics indicate.

– The number of mobile phone users will reach the 5-billion mark in 2018.

– The average daily time users currently spend on their mobile phones counts more than 4 hours.

Taking these two statistics into consideration will give you a clear picture of how big and full of opportunities this market truly is and will continue to be in the future. Advertising on tablets and smartphones is currently the most popular choice as we spend most time on these devices, be it for social messaging, downloading apps, or browsing the Internet.

The Effectiveness Of Emails
Email marketing, as an extremely efficient tool with the highest clickthrough rate (CTR), is best represented via many social network aggregation platforms such as Flipboard, StumbleUpon, etc. These sites base their success thanks to daily and weekly newsletters, and most of their visitors are classified as ‘returning’, i.e. groups of loyal audiences regularly visiting the site.

For example, last year in the U.K., the average open rate was around 25 per cent, which is a really good conversion rate. Sign-ups for newsletters still collect a hefty amount of emails for potential customers. These turn into brand ambassadors, ultimately doing the ‘marketing’ part for you. Remember, it all begins with a single, well-structured email.

Customer Engagement And Loyalty
Being of the utmost importance, engaging customers will keep the business (and other marketing-related strategies) going year-wise. It starts by finding new customers and retaining them, ultimately letting them become brand ambassadors. It’s simple really – customer loyalty equals increased profits and reaffirming your company’s position as a well-established brand.


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Analyst by nature, Toni is both an experienced digital marketer and passionate blogger, often willing to point out the psychological aspect of internet advertising. Helping clients grow and become recognized brands is the sole reason why he chose this job. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact him at

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